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How It Works

Everything is provided in the home aside from towels, the customer may provide shampoo and conditioner upon request due to allergies or sensitivities. Color and chemical products are provided by the stylists for the safety of the customer.

What Is needed while in the home?

• A water source (preferably the kitchen sink)

• An accessible outlet for power

• A table to set tools and supplies on

• A clean and sanitary place to work in

• All services are available to bed bound customers

(excluding perms)

• For non bed bound customers a comfortable low backed chair is needed to provide the service

Do I need to prepare before my stylist arrives?

No, you do not need to prepare aside from having the items listed above. Otherwise, the stylist will come prepared and know how to orient the customer to provide the service requested.

What can I expect from my stylist?

Your stylist will come with all tools and products needed for the service requested. After making the appointment you will receive a text message confirmation and updates from our square scheduling system. You will receive a message an hour before the appointment time is set to begin and there will be a two hour buffer time provided for arrival.

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